Mission, Vision, and Philosphy

School of Health Sciences Mission

Based on our commitment to Christian values, we seek to partner with the community to develop graduates who engage the culture, change the world, and:

  • Serve all people with the highest level of professional care;
  • Demonstrate competence in a diverse and changing environment;
  • Act with wisdom, character, and caring;
  • Demonstrate leadership in all aspects of nursing; and
  • Promote optimum health of body, mind, and spirit.      10/1/10
Department of Health and Human Performance Mission

The faculty and staff in the Health and Human Performance Department are committed to delivering programs that promote healthy lifestyles while valuing and examining health and physical activity through a Christian worldview.

Nursing Program Core Values
  • Excellence
  • Respect
  • Diversity
  • Inquiry
  • Caring presence
Nursing Programs Vision Statement

We strive to create a community that functions within a culturally safe, creative, innovative and healthy environment with our internal and external practice partners, and prepares students to practice the nursing profession with competence, character and grace.

Nursing Programs Philosophy Statement

Within a Christ-centered environment, the School of Health Sciences faculty and staff commit themselves to mentoring students in both the art and science of nursing. These mentoring relationships help foster a passionate spirit of inquiry within the student that becomes the foundation for a practice grounded in competence, caring, and compassion.

Collaboration is at the heart of our pedagogy. Students and faculty work together to deliver holistic care that reflects grace and beauty to individuals, families, and communities.

Within a grace-filled and reflective practice, students and faculty seek to find beauty in all of humanity through a process of self-awareness and reflective practice.  We see and honor both suffering and healing as fundamental human experiences.

The School of Health Science’s climate of learning supports students in developing character, accountability, responsibility, and honesty.

A sense of greater calling through engagement is achieved as students learn to work collaboratively with communities of interest to promote health and wellness, as well as advocating for social justice. A commitment to social justice helps to create a foundation where individual and group diversity is appreciated and everyone works to create an environment that is culturally safe for all.

As the health needs of society and the health care delivery system continue to change, it is essential that nurses demonstrate leadership in advocating for individuals, families, and communities. Graduates of the School of Health Sciences are engaged in, and take initiative in, that leadership role. 

School of Health Sciences, Seattle Pacific University