Instructor Orientation

Welcome to the School of Health Sciences!

Congratulations on your appointment at Seattle Pacific University (SPU) in the School of Health Sciences. We are happy to have you joining us!

In your role, you will be providing essential services for students, and acting as a coach, leader, and mentor to a cohort of students. Our hope is that you will serve students and other stakeholders with compassion and caring, and in turn feel valued for the work you do.

You will have a team of people supporting you in your new role—we want you to have the tools you need to succeed. Please do not hesitate to let any of us know how we can be of service to you. 

As you get started in your new role, you will find information about the School of Health Sciences programs linked below and a checklist of items to complete as you get started.

Welcome aboard!


Email with general questions.

Getting Started Checklist



Point of Contact

Sign your contract, confirmation of teaching appointment

Julie Ann Harrington

Complete "First Steps" items

Human Resources

Schedule Meetings with:

  1. SHS Dean (New Regular Faculty)
  2. Associate Dean/Department Chair (All New Faculty)
  3. Quarter Lead Faculty (Undergraduate Nursing Program)
  4. "Co-instructors" for team taught courses
See program specific checklists on this page.

Review SHS Mission Statements

Familiarize yourself with the following including expectations for attendance:

  1. SHS Committee structure
  2. SHS Events

Familiarize yourself with SHS Faculty Resources and Policies, starting with the items on this page/wiki/spaces/SHS/pages/37204092

New Nursing Faculty

Submit all Clinical Passport documentation

Julie Ann Harrington

New Regular Faculty

Plan to attend all New Faculty Events

Faculty Life Office

Plan to attend all required SPU Academic EventsOffice of the Provost

New Faculty Basics

Begin by familiarizing yourself with these essential SPU systems and SHS procedures.  Additional resources are available at /wiki/spaces/SHS/pages/37204092.

  1. /wiki/spaces/SHS/pages/37205168
  2. Clinical Placement Coordinator
  3. Catalog and Time Schedule

  4. /wiki/spaces/SHS/pages/37204618  

  5. SHS /wiki/spaces/SHS/pages/37204098

  6. SHS /wiki/spaces/SHS/pages/37204120

  7. /wiki/spaces/SHS/pages/37204470 and /wiki/spaces/SHS/pages/37207144including:
    1. /wiki/spaces/SHS/pages/37204538
    1. /wiki/spaces/SHS/pages/37204536

  8. /wiki/spaces/SHS/pages/37204646

  9. Student Feedback Survey (SmartEvals Course Evaluations) (though Canvas)
  10. SPU Student Support Services:

    1. Graduate Resource Hub

    2. Undergraduate Resource Hub

Health and Human Performance
Undergraduate Nursing

See BSN Faculty Orientation checklist.

Graduate Nursing

See Graduate Faculty Orientation checklist.

School of Health Sciences, Seattle Pacific University