CIS NetTel Standards - Division 27 Requirements

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CIS has adopted a set of network and telecommunications standards based on a "structured cabling system" specification.  The purpose of these standards are threefold:

  1. Provide internal documentation for CIS staff and Facilities Operations staff regarding the design and products to be used for cabling, pathways and distribution, conduits, wire closets, equipment placement, installation techniques, testing, and certification.
  2. Provide a formal reference document that can be shared and provided to external vendors, contractors, architects, and designers – regarding the University's requirements for the installation of our structured cabling system.
  3. Reference building codes and construction standards that must be met during the design, construction, maintenance, or repair of network/telecommunications systems on campus and within University buildings. 

This document is provided in American Institute of Architects (AIA) Master Specification Format (see: and  It is intended to be provided and referenced widely in any and all campus projects, architectural design, construction documents, vendor bids, and contractor installations.  

Division 27-xxxx references those general requirements related to networking and telecommunications, including:

  • Cabling (copper, fiber, or any other low voltage signalling cable)
  • Pathways and distribution (building entry, underground conduit, building pathways, conduits, raceways, cable-tray)
  • Communication rooms and racks (main distribution points, intermediary distribution points, racks, frames, enclosures)
  • Cable install and termination (horizontal and vertical cabling blocks, patch panels, patch cords, cable management, labeling)
  • Faceplates and connectors (numbering plan, labeling)

Policy Version: 1.0

Effective Date: January 4, 2016
Last Updated:
December 7, 2016

Responsible Office:
Computer & Information Systems
Responsible Executive:

AVP for Information Technology / CIO

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