Jury Duty

Table of Contents

Purpose of Jury Duty Benefit

The provisions of this policy enable staff to fulfill their civic obligations, without loss of income, for a limited period of time.

Description of Jury Duty Benefit

Regular full-time or regular part-time staff will be allowed time off for jury duty and will be paid their regular wages while on jury duty, for a maximum of 20 working days each calendar year. Pay for jury duty in excess of 20 working days in a calendar year will be handled in accordance with the provisions in the State and Federal Wage and Hour Laws.

Staff Responsibilities

Immediately upon receiving a summons for jury duty, the employee must notify their supervisor so that provisions can be made for the employee's responsibilities to be carried on during the absence.

Staff should consider their responsibilities in their departments, especially during periods of particularly heavy workload/responsibility.

Compensation from the court (except for mileage and bus fare) must be turned over to the University through the Payroll Office.

You do NOT need to enter your jury duty time in your leave report.

Jury Duty Benefit Limitations and Exclusions

  1. Nonexempt staff other than regular, full-time or regular part-time nonexempt staff will be allowed the time off, but are ineligible for compensation from the University during the period of jury duty, except for hours actually worked.
  2. Nonexempt staff are expected to report for work on any day that jury duty hours reasonably permit.

Exempt Staff Difference

Exempt staff receive their regular salary, less any amounts received by the employee as jury fees.