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  • SPU-Guests is not intended for use by the general public who are in proximity to campus but have no other reason to use this network apart from the fact it exists.
  • SPU-Guests is not intended for use by SPU faculty, staff or students.
  • Each device connecting to this network must be patched and updated to be safe from viruses and malware.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Connect the device (laptop, smartphones, iPad, etc...) to the "SPU-Guests" SSID.
  2. Open a web browser and follow the guest registration instructions on the login page.
    • Users will need to provide a valid email address or text messaging device phone number to obtain access.
  3. Confirm your registration by responding to the email or text message you receive (depends on step 2).
  4. Once you have registered, guest network access will persist for 30 days.

Guidelines for use are posted on the Guest Network Access policy.

The university makes no guarantee concerning the security, availability, reliability or confidentiality of transmissions made via this network.



How to Disconnect from SPU-Guests and connect to SPU-Wireless if you are a student or employee who mistakenly associated with the Guest network:

  • If you have previously connect to SPU-Guests, disconnect ("forget") the association to SPU-Guests in your device's Manage Wireless settings menu
  • Connect to SPU-Wireless; enter "SPU-Wireless" as the password without the quotation marks
  • Launch your web browser and login with your SPU credentials

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