Citrix Remote Access on a Personal Computer (Mac OS)

This guide is intended for individuals wishing to connect to Citrix through a personal computer running Mac OS.

How-To Guide

  1. Navigate to
  2. Select Download Citrix Workspace for Mac and click the file that is downloaded (CitrixReceiverWeb.dmg).
  3. Double click Install Citrix Workspace.
    - (Note: If you receive a message saying "(software) can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer", follow the guide listed here, then repeat step 6.)

  4. The Citrix Workspace Installer will now begin. Click continue and then agree to the user license agreement.
  5. Click Install to being the Citrix installation.
  6. When prompted, enter the password for your computer and press Install Software.
  7. When the software is successfully installed, click Close.

  8. In the Applications folder, there should now be a program labeled  Citrix Receiver. Double click on the icon to open Citrix Receiver.
  9. The application will prompt you to enter the name of the server. Enter and click add
  10. You will then be prompted to enter a Domain\User and Password. Enter accounts\ and your personal username in the first text box.
  11. Enter the password to your SPU username in the box labeled password and click Log On.

  12. To access files or applications, press the + on the left side of Citrix Receiver and click the application you would like to open.
  13. A shortcut will be made on the home page of Citrix Receiver, which can be clicked on to open the application.