Transition a Copied of a Previous Course from MyLab & Mastering LTI 1.1 to Access Pearson LTI 1.3

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Access Pearson LTI 1.3 is an updated version of Pearson MyLab & Mastering LTI 1.1 and has been released on August 4th, 2023. The transition to the new version is planned to take place before the start of the winter quarter. MyLab & Mastering will stop working by the end of the year of 2023 according to Pearson’s recent announcement. 

  • If you have integrated MyLab & Mastering LTI 1.1 in your Canvas courses and plan to copy and reuse them for winter quarter,2023 or any quarters after, please follow this instruction to transfer MyLab & Mastering LTI 1.1 to Access Pearson LTI 1.3. We also encourage you to contact Pearson’s representatives if you have any questions during the migration from MyLab & Mastering to Access Pearson.  For LTI 1.3 course migration / general support, please email: 
  • If you are new users of Access Pearson and you plan to use Access Pearson in your new Canvas courses, please check follow this instruction: Access Pearson | Pearson MyLab & Mastering - for new users.

Prepare your copied Canvas course for Access Pearson

You need to pair a copied MyLab & Mastering (LTI 1.1) course to your copied Canvas course using the new Access Pearson (LTI1.3) tool instead of the prior MyLab and Mastering tool after winter quarter 2023. After you pair a MyLab & Mastering (LTI1.1) course with your Canvas course using the new Access Pearson (LTI1.3) tool, you won't need to prepare your Canvas course each term moving forward.

From your copied Canvas course, do the following. You don’t need to make any changes to your MyLab & Mastering course.

  • Assignment links are automatically migrated and don’t need to be deleted from your course.
  • Delete any course tool links, including MyLab & Mastering Course Home, MyLab Skills, and Study Area, before you add the Access Pearson integration (LTI 1.3) to your course.
  • You need to delete grade columns from your copied course to avoid duplicate grades.
  • Hide or delete the old link to open MyLab & Mastering from the Canvas course. This prevents students from accidentally using it. The old link is likely called MyLab and Mastering. Students instead use a new link called Access Pearson.
    • Go to Settings from course navigation.
    • Click on Navigation tab.
    • Disable MyLab and Mastering link by dragging and dropping it to the bottom of the list.

  • Make sure you delete any MyLab and Mastering Course Home, MyLab Skills, and Study Area links before you add the Access Pearson integration to your course. Otherwise, you won’t be able to set up grade sync.
  • Add the Access Pearson link to course
    • Go to Settings from course navigation [1].
    • Click on Navigation tab [2].
    • Enable Access Pearson link [3] by dragging and dropping it to the top list.

canvas settings

Pair your copied course using Access Pearson

You must use the new Access Pearson link to open and pair your courses. Don't select the old MyLab and Mastering link or a prior assignment, course tool, or eText link. If you do, the course will be integrated with the MyLab and Mastering integration (LTI 1.1) instead of the new Access Pearson integration (LTI 1.3). Students also need to use the new Access Pearson link to open your MyLab or Mastering course from the Canvas course. Links to prior MyLab or Mastering assignments within your Canvas no longer work for students and may produce error messages.

Link your accounts

IMPORTANT: Do not select an assignment, course tool, or eText link to open Pearson and pair your courses. Instead, select the Access Pearson link from course navigation bar.

  • Authorization message: When you select the Access Pearson link, you may see an authorization prompt. For the transition to Access Pearson to succeed and to automatically migrate your assignment links from LTI 1.1 to LTI 1.3, you must select Authorize to agree to any authorization requests.
  • Getting started: From your Canvas course, select Access Pearson from the course navigation bar. You will be prompted to Open Pearson and select MyLab | Mastering.

open pearsonmylab and mastering

  • Select Get Started to link your accounts.

get started

  • Enter the username and password from your existing Pearson instructor account and select Link accounts.

link your accounts

Pair your courses

Start from your Canvas course to pair it with a new or copy of a MyLab or Mastering course. You can't pair MyLab or Mastering courses you created outside your Canvas course such as from the MyLab and Mastering website. However, you can pair copies of these existing MyLab or Mastering courses.

If you want to copy a previous course you’ve taught with, you can choose Yes, copy this course to copy the course and its assignment or course tool links. You can go to go to to edit the course name and dates after after you finish pairing your courses.

Create another course

If you select No, create another courseuse the same course ID as the original to copy the assignment or course tool links and avoid duplicate grades.

copied course

  • Enter a course ID to copy another instructor's course.
  • Select the course materials provided to you or search the catalog, select your course materials.

create a course

  • If prompted for course details, choose a course type:

If you want students to enroll in the course, select Student-use Course.

If you don't intend students to enroll in the course, select Instructor-use only. 

course type

  • Enter the course name and description. Use something specific for the name like your term and class section. This helps you quickly identify the course later.

  • Select the course dates.

  • Select whether to allow other instructors to copy your course using your course ID. You can change this setting later.

allow copy or not

  • Select Create course. You'll see a confirmation message.
  • Wait for email confirmation your course is created. This might take up to 3 hours.
  • Close the browser tab, and return to your Canvas course to set up assignments.

Set up assignments

  • From your Canvas course, select Access Pearson link.

access pearson link

  • Select Open MyLab & Mastering.

open mylab and mastering

  • Make sure assignments are set up in your MyLab or Mastering course. Assign due dates in your MyLab or Mastering course. Manage due dates only from your MyLab or Mastering course, NOT your Canvas course.
  • To successfully sync grades and open assignments, make sure assignment names are fewer than 128 characters. Avoid UTF-8 or these characters \ / " * < > + = | , % ! &.
  • Return to your Canvas course to add assignment or tool links or get students started.

Add assignment in Canvas course

Optionally, you can add links that students use to open MyLab or Mastering assignments, course tools, such as Grades, or eText (also called eTextbook) from your Canvas course.

You need to first pair your MyLab or Mastering with Canvas courses and then set up assignments in your MyLab or Mastering course.

You can automatically create all assignment links or manually add specific assignment, course tool, or eText links.

For create all assignment links automatically, you need to sync grades. Sync grades will make assignment links available and appear by default in the Canvas Assignments content area.

How to sync grades

Sync grades one-way from your MyLab or Mastering course to your Canvas course.

You need to sync grades to see assignment due dates in the Canvas calendar.

  • Click Access Pearson link from your Canvas course navigation bar.
  • Select Open Pearson.
  • Select Grade Sync [1].
  • To automatically sync grades as they become available, select On [2] for Automatic Grade Sync. This doesn't sync past grades. (If Off is selected, MyLab and Mastering grades only sync to your Canvas course when you select Sync Grades Now [3].)

grade sync

  • Regardless of whether automatic grade sync is turned on, use Sync Grades Now anytime to manually sync all existing grades, including grades available before you turned auto sync on.

sync grades now

  • Make selections in the Items to Sync list. You might need to wait up to 15 minutes after you set up grade sync to see these items.

sync list

  • Select Sync Grades Now to create links for any assignments and to initially populate the Canvas gradebook.

sync grades now

Get students started

This video can help students to learn how to register MyLab and Mastering in Canvas.

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