Working from Home with Personal Devices

During this time there may be a need to work from home using a personal laptop or home computer. The following are guidelines on how to securely and legally use a personal device for your SPU work in order to minimize risk to the University. Review the Use of Personal / Un-Managed Devices for Work policy for details.

If you need a loaner computer or laptop to work from home effectively, please coordinate with your supervisor.

Using Web Applications (tick)

Using web applications such as Canvas, Banner, Slate, Webmail, or Office365 poses very little risk from a personal device.  

Downloading Files / Storing Sensitive Data 

If you download reports or store files that include sensitive data such as Student ID numbers, you must take proper precautions to remain compliant with data security and privacy regulations.  See the Regulated Data Chart for information on the systems we have contractual protections for, and review the applicable Data Laws and Regulations that govern the information you are working with.  

DropBox / Google Drive / etc.  

While convenient, it is unlawful to store regulated data (such as FERPA) on personal cloud storage platforms.  The University provides OneDrive for Business for this purpose. See the Regulated Data Chart for details on which types of regulated data are contractually protected in OneDrive for Business.

Device Security

It is important to keep your device secure, particularly if you are working from a shared home computer.  Remember to log off of SPU resources or lock devices when you are not present.  Review the Use of Personal / Un-Managed Devices for Work policy for details.