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Zoom is a Video and Web Conferencing platform. Zoom allows online meetings (one-on-one, or small groups), instructional classroom meetings, and web conferences. This is a robust interface that easily facilitates shared screens, video, audio and collaboration features. Meetings can also easily be recorded and saved for reference or for people who were not able to attend the live meeting.


It is not necessary to have a Zoom account to attend/participate in a meeting.  However, to HOST a meeting, a Zoom account is required.

Zoom users may avail themselves of the Virtual Background feature; click here for SPU-approved and branded backgrounds.

Creating a Zoom Basic Account

A Zoom Basic account through SPU is available to anyone with an SPU email address who wishes to use the service. Simply follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to and click Sign In.
  2. If you do not already have a Zoom account, one will automatically be created for you through SSO.
  3. You now have a Zoom basic account which allows you to host up to 40-minute group meetings (up to 100 participants).

Requesting a Zoom Licensed Account (Faculty/Staff)

Zoom Licensed (formerly Pro) accounts are for users who support Academic Class Instruction (e.g.: instructors and TAs/GAs). A Licensed account will allow you to host meetings with up to 300 participants and are unlimited in duration. To request a Zoom Licensed account, follow the steps below. 

*If you have not created your Zoom Basic account first, requesting the Licensed account will not work. Use the steps above to create a Zoom Basic account first.

  1. Ensure you already have a Zoom Basic account by following the steps above. 
  2. Login to Banner and go to: Personal Menu > Computer Accounts Menu > Manage Your Accounts
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Zoom Video/Web Conference” from the drop down in the “Request Resource” section, then click Continue.
    1. Don't see "Zoom Video/Web Conference" in the list? You either already have an account or you may not be eligible for a Pro account at this time. 
    2. Questions? Please contact the CIS HelpDesk at 206-281-2982.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Once submitted the system will attempt to create your account immediately.

Requesting a Zoom Webinar Add-On License


Zoom has made frequent changes to their billing processes for Webinar Add-Ons for SPU. Monthly subscriptions are no longer available, and licenses are limited to an annual subscription. (Prior license model: Monthly licenses were available for purchase at a higher overall rate than the annual subscription.)

If you still wish to purchase an annual Zoom Webinar subscription, you must sign up independently for a Zoom Pro account AND a Webinar Add-On (the Webinar Add-On will not work with Zoom Basic) using a non-SPU email address + your SPU Purchasing Card.

See here for other recommended, no-cost webinar hosting options: Hosting a Webinar

Zoom Webinar is an account license add-on that provides additional features like automated registration, 'raise a hand', live polling, Q&A, and more to provide enhanced interactivity with the conference audience. If you believe your department would benefit from this add-on and you would like to purchase an annual subscription: review the full description and feature set on Zoom's website, and create a CIS HelpDesk ticket with a request to purchase. Include in your request:

  • The number of add-on licenses you would like to purchase,
  • The usernames you would like the licenses applied to, and
  • The departmental budget number CIS may issue the total cost to.

CIS will work with your department to purchase the licenses and provision them to the specific users. Once the add-on license has been applied to the user's account, the Webinar features will be unlocked on their next login or refresh.

The first two tiers of Zoom Webinar license add-on purchase options and pricing are:

  • Annual pricing
    • Up to 500 participants: $690/year/host*
    • Up to 1,000 participants: $1,400/year/host*
  • Prior pricing (no longer available)
    • Up to 500 participants: $79/month/host or $57.50/year/host*
    • Up to 1,000 participants: $340/month/host or $283.33/year/host*
    • Up to 3,000 participants: $990/month/host or $825/year/host*
    • Up to 5,000 participants: $2,490/month/host or $2,075/year/host*
    • Up to 10,000 participants: $6,490/month/host or $5,408.33/year/host*

*Prices do not include sales tax and are listed based on the most-recent quote date. Zoom may change their licensing costs at any time. Annual subscriptions are prorated based on the account billing cycle.

Zoom Webinar may be purchased for up to 100 participants at the minimum and up to 10,000 participants at the maximum.

Find an overview on the Zoom Webinar add-on here, and further information on specific features of Zoom Webinar here. If you review this information and have additional questions about whether this is a good fit for your department, please contact ETM or CIS for decision support.

Using Zoom 

Once you have a Zoom account, you can login to Zoom to create meetings.

  1. Log into
  2. Select "Meetings" from the left side panel of the online version of ZOOM.  
  3. Under "Upcoming Meetings" or "Previous Meetings" tab, click on the blue "Schedule a New Meeting" button. 
  4. Enter the relevant information for your meeting and click "save."
  5. On the next page you can select where you want this meeting to be added to (such as your Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Yahoo Calendar,etc.), and invite attendees.  
    1. Note that your options selected on the previous screen are presented here for your review.
    2. This screen should also give you the "Meeting ID" as well as the "Copy the Invitation" link for an automated invitation that can be sent out to invitees.
    3. Once everything is selected, copy this information and paste it into an email.


If using the Zoom Desktop App, make sure to log in using SSO:

Recording Meetings

When you host a meeting you have the option of recording meetings locally to the computer you're hosting the meeting from or to the cloud storage account shared by all SPU users.


With SPU's acquisition of Panopto in 2019, all cloud recordings are now automatically stored in Panopto and should be accessed there longitudinally.

  • If you would like to check if your videos have transferred, follow the instructions on ETM’s wiki site about Panopto & Zoom Recordings.

Effective April 15th, 2020, recordings in your SPU Zoom account will delete from Zoom immediately after they transfer successfully to Panopto. This supports the significant increase in new video content being created and shared.

Zoom Support

Zoom at SPU is supported by both Computer & information Systems (CIS) and Educational Technology & Media (ETM):



Supports students, faculty and staff with:

  • Device-specific issues

  • Zoom app

  • Issues experienced by meeting attendees

  • License & permissions
  • Recovery of meeting recordings
  • Non-faculty/course accommodation requests

Supports faculty in the use of Zoom for:

  • Classroom instruction

  • Use in Canvas

Supports Disability Support Services and faculty with after-the-fact captioning services for accommodations

Contact CIS at:

Contact ETM at:

Additional Support Resources

  • Zoom has extensive how-to and support articles available on their Help Center. Please refer to these robust pages for more information on how to best leverage this program.
  • If you are a faculty member who plans to use Zoom for instructional purposes, please see ETM's help pages on Zoom and contact their office with any additional questions.
  • Need to add a delegate for yourself to set up or start a Zoom meeting?  Need to be a delegate for someone else?  Refer to Zoom's support page on this topic - see Scheduling Privilege.