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  1. Click File -> Print and select a printer that begins with MFP or SecurePrint.
  2. Select Printer Properties.
    MAC Secureprint Login window pop upImage Modified
    In other applications it may be called Properties, Print Properties, Preferences, Options, or something similar.

  3. A new dialog box will open. Select Color.
    MAC Secure Print menu - select Color, highlighted in blueImage Modified

  4.  On the menu that appears, automatic is set by default. You can change this so that jobs are released only in black and white. Remember, any amount of color on the paper will charge the color rate.
     MFP Paper color menu, option to change the color of the paper. Changing the color of the page will change the cost of printingImage Modified

Staples, Binding, and Double-Sided Jobs

  1. Select Printer Features from the drop down menu.
    MFP printing settings. Going into this menu will open stapling, binding and more. Image Modified

  2. Set your staple, binding, and double-sided settings.
    MFP menu to enable stapling, binding, and printing double sidedImage Modified

    Staple count option for 1 staple or 2Image Modified

  3.  Click Print to submit your job. If you see the message below, press Continue to proceed.
    Submit your paper to be printed with number of staples selectedImage Modified

  4. The PaperCut dialogue box will appear. Select which account to charge the print job to; all personal jobs should be charged to the personal account.
     Papercut Dialog Box to charge your account to run the print jobImage Modified


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