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Reference for content editors

This is a two-part component, located in /sitecore/templates/SPU/ugadm/Event Snapshot Container and /sitecore/templates/SPU/ugadm Event Snapshot. The Event Snapshot Container holds all of the Event Snapshots and defines which event categories are displayed on the front-end:

Adding a Event Snapshot Container to a marketing page

Part 1: Content Editor

1). First, in the Content Editor, add the Event Snapshot container item by right clicking on the page's content folder, selecting "Insert," and then choosing the Event Snapshot Container component. Rename this as "events."

2). The Event Snapshot Container has two fields you need to fill in. First, add a title, that will show up directly above the dropdown filter: 


  • Button 1 and Button 2
    • These are two optional links if you would like to add an eye-catching “call to action” button at the end of your event snapshot. When you click “Insert Link” ( link you can pick out of the Sitecore tree) or “Insert External Link” (any other link), make sure the “Link Description” has the text you would like to show up on your button. 
Part 2: The Page Editor

1). Enter the Page Editor by selecting the page in the Content Editor, clicking the "Publish" tab at the top of the page, and then selecting "Page Editor."