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PollEverywhere Poll Everywhere has a software app that you can download on your computer, click on this link to do so. You can choose the presentation application you'd like to use with Poll Everywhere, between PowerPoint, Keynote and Google Slides.

Software App

  • Once you have chosen and downloaded a presentation application to share your PollEverywhere Poll Everywhere slides on, the PPollEverywhere application will ask you to allow it to share your activity on a slide. First find your activity on the app, then you will see a blue button on top named "Insert slides," click on it the choose your "Activity flow," then click on "Insert slides" again.
  • It will show "Successfully inserted slide" if it properly worked. Then you can continue building your presentation.
  • Additionally, in Zoom if you choose to share your PPT with the app instead of Desktop, the PollEverywhere slides won't show results, even though the host/person sharing the screen can see the results on the slide. So it's better if you share your whole desktop for all to see results.

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