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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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McGraw Hill will upgrade Canvas integration from LTI 1.1 to LTI 1.3 and they will discontinue support for LTI 1.1 in 2024.  If you have integrated McGraw Hill LTI 1.1 in your Canvas courses, this instruction will support you to have a smooth transition from the old version to the latest one (LTI 1.3). Please feel free to email us at for any questions. 


This instruction is for the users whose Canvas courses have been integrated with McGraw Hill LTI 1.1. Before you begin, please have your existing McGraw Hill Connect section ready.

Upgrade Your Canvas Course to LTI Advantage (video of this instruction)

Prepare your Existing Canvas Section

  • Log in to Canvas and navigate to the course that has connected with McGraw Hill LTI 1.1.
  • Open the Assignments from the course navigation.
  • Individually delete each existing Connect assignment link.

Please be sure to check every folder for McGraw Hill Connect assignment links. Any links not deleted will no longer work when the course is paired via LTI 1.3.


  • Open Grades from the course navigation.
  • Delete any remaining McGraw Hill Connect assignment links and gradebook columns in your Canvas course.

Pair with Existing McGraw Hill Connect Account and Existing Section

  • Navigate to the Canvas course.
  • Go into Modules in the course navigation and click on the three dots for the module you want to deploy the assignment(s) to.

module option button

  • Select McGraw Hill Connect LTIA.

  • Click Begin.

begin button

  • Log into your McGraw Hill Connect account.

connect login

  • Click Pair with a Connect Section.

  • Click Pair with existing McGraw Hill Connect course.

pair with existing connect course

  • Locate the McGraw Hill Connect course you want to pair with and click Select.


  • Click Go to Section Home.

go to section home

  • Go to Assignments tab and select the assignments [1] you want to deploy.
  • Click three dots [2] next to the button of Add assignment, and choose Deploy to Canvas [3].

  • You can set the grade type in bulk or individually. Click the Deploy button when done.

deploy button

  • The assignments that were deployed should show up under the module that you started from and Assignments area in Canvas. Click on the dots to the left of the assignment to rearrange the order as needed and then Publish the assignment. A gradebook column is automatically created for each assignment in the course.

deployed assignment in canvas

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