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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Panopto allows you to copy a video to a new course, giving you the opportunity to edit it for a better fit with the new course. However, sometimes you will get a warning message while editing a copied video from Panopto.  In this article, you will learn how to copy a video and the different copying methods that refer to editing.

Copy a Video

  • Login Panopto and hover over the video you want to copy. 
  • Select the Settings button.


  • On the Manage tab [1],  scroll down to the Copy video section [2].
  • Select the folder [3] the copy should be sent to. 

Note: The copied session will inherit the same permissions from the original folder. 


  • Select one of the following copy options. 
    • Create Reference Copy [1]: This creates a reference copy of the video. Video reference copies refer back to an original source video but with a completely clean slate of viewer-contributed metadata, such as quiz results, comments, and notes. When its source video is edited, the reference copy will automatically also reflect the same edits. Note 

Note: Prior to making edits on an original source video, the user will receive a warning window indicating that the video is referenced by other video(s). 

    • Create Full Copy [2]: This creates a full copy of the video that does not refer back to the original video and allows for independent editing. 

copy options

Edit a Copied Video

Panopto Videocopies

  • Edit the Full Copy video by clicking the Edit button.


  • Click the Apply button after finishing your edits.


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