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Access Pearson is an updated version of Pearson's external tool on Canvas, previously known as Pearson MyLab & Mastering. It is an approved tool installed on SPU Canvas, providing single sign-on access to Pearson's courseware, including the textbook and homework system. The integration syncs grades from MyLab and Mastering products into the Canvas gradebook, and you can also use the tool to link to MyLab & Mastering products and content areas within Canvas.


SPU has recently upgraded Pearson's Canvas integration to Access Pearson, also known as LTI 1.3 or Advantage. Pearson will discontinue support for the legacy tool (LTI 1.1) in 2024 and require a tool upgrade on our Canvas. This upgrade is an access point change for the content in Canvas, meaning that the changes made by the publisher will impact how you set up links in Canvas for your students to access their content with the new upgrade. If you currently use the legacy tool (identified as "Pearson MyLab & Mastering" on the Canvas course menu), you will need to transition to the upgraded tool - Access Pearson. Please reach out to if you need personalized assistance to set up your courses with the new tool. We are partnering with Pearson to offer one-on-one assistance for a smooth transition to the upgraded Pearson tool in Canvas.

Features and Benefits

With MyLab , it is easier to engage students and get them excited about the material using your experiences to combine interactive content with data-driven guidance to capture your students’ attention through every lecture and assignment. 

With Mastering, you could use your experiences to combine interactive resources and real-world examples to help your students master challenging material and gain the confidence they need to succeed both in and out of the classroom. 

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Access Pearson 

As the updated version, Access Pearson provides modified features as MyLab & Mastering.

  • Automatic Grade Sync  

  • Assignment linking  

  • Create links for all your assignments by syncing grades and then adding the links to your modules.  

  • Enhanced privacy and security  

  • Increased reliability  

  • Single sign-on (SSO) 


If you have any technical issues with migration from MyLab & Mastering to Access Pearson or use the new tool, please contact Pearson Support at 

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How to Add Access Pearson (LTI 1.3) to Canvas

For new courses, we encourage you to try Access Pearson. Please follow the steps to enable Access Pearson integration in your course.

  • Navigate to the Canvas course.

  • Go to Course Settings [1] and select the Navigation tab [2].

course settings
  • Under Drag items here to hide them from students at the bottom of the page, click option button [1] and select Enable for Access Person [2]

  • Move Access Pearson where you want in the list and then select Save [3]

enable access pearson

Pair Your Course

  • Click the Access Pearson link in the course navigation. 

  • Select Open Pearson.

open pearson
  • Click Get Started to link your account. 

get started
  • Enter the username and password from your existing Pearson instructor account and select Link accounts. If you do not have an account, select Create an account and follow the prompts. You can only link one LMS account to one Pearson account. After completing the request of instructor verification, you could start pairing your courses.  

link your accounts
  • If you're asked to choose your product, select MyLab | Mastering. Your selection is permanent and can't be undone.

choose your products
  • Select Get Started on the Pearson Home page to pair your courses.

get started


If you are not a validate instructor yet, select Get Started and follow the prompts to enter details about your role. Wait for a confirmation email.

How to add MyLab and Mastering assignment, course tool, or eText links to your LMS

Start from your LMS course to pair it with a new or copy of a MyLab or Mastering course. You can't pair MyLab or Mastering courses you created outside your LMS course such as from the MyLab and Mastering website. However, you can pair copies of these existing MyLab or Mastering coursesYou can add links in your Canvas which students can use to go directly to assignments, course tools, or the eText. In the video below, we'll take a look at how to add links using Canvas.

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To learn more about adding MyLab and Mastering assignment, please visit Pearson support website.