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Table of Contents

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You can insert Poll Everywhere has a software app that you can download on your computer, click on this link to do so. You can choose the presentation application you'd like to use with Poll Everywhere, between PowerPoint, Keynote and Google Slides.polls into your PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slides presentation to seamlessly initiate and manage them during your presentation. Poll Everywhere offers an app that works with PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides.

Download Poll Everywhere Applications based on your platform

Poll Everywhere for PowerPoint (Windows)

Setting up Poll Everywhere in PowerPoint

  1. After you've finished downloading Poll Everywhere for PowerPoint (Windows version), proceed to open the PowerPoint app. 
  2. Create a new presentation, or open a saved presentation. Hover over to Poll Everywhere option from the top horizontal menu bar.

    Poll Everywhere menu bar 

  3. You will need to log in to Poll Everywhere with your SPU email address to use their features in PowerPoint. A pop-up window will ask you to authorize the logged in account to use Poll Everywhere in PowerPoint. Once authorized, you now have the access to Poll Everywhere and can close the window, 

    Log in to Poll Everywhere

    Authorize device access

Inserting a poll to PowerPoint slides

  1. To insert a poll into your PowerPoint slides, choose Insert button among the features you have when you clicked on Poll Everywhere bar. 

    Insert button

  2. A window will pop up to let you select which activity you want to add to the slides. After you selected an activity, click Insert slides button to add it to the PowerPoint slides. You can change the Activity flow in the next screen or keep it as default. 

    Poll Everywhere homepage

  3. You will see a message "Successfully inserted 1 slide" once your Poll Everywhere activity is ready to view in the presentation window. Then you can continue editing your presentation. 


During your presentation, keep the Poll Everywhere you're presenting open to let students interact with it. 

Poll Everywhere for PowerPoint (Mac)

Setting up Poll Everywhere

  1. After finished installing Poll Everywhere software to your Mac, proceed to open the application. You will be asked to log in with your SPU email address. 

  2. Next, you will need to click Authorize to let Poll Everywhere use your current device. Once the access is granted, you can use Poll Everywhere to create and add new/existed Activity to PowerPoint slides. 

Inserting  a poll to PowerPoint slides

  1. Open Poll Everywhere app to create, edit, or add your Activity to PowerPoint slides. To add an activity, select a desired activity from your list, and click Insert slides to have it added to your presentation.


    Before clicking Insert slides, please have your PowerPoint app opened so that Poll Everywhere has permission to add the Activity to your slides.

  2. Next, you can choose the default setting for Activity flow or change it to any of the options from Engagement style. Then click Insert slides again. Your PowerPoint presentation will display the newly added Activity you implied from Poll Everywhere. 

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