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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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This tutorial will show you how to import a list of students from Poll Everywhere to Canvas using the Sync Roster feature. 

The steps to import Poll Everywhere in Canvas are as follows:


If you have Poll Everywhere enabled for Canvas course, skip Step 1-4 and continue from Step 5. 

  1. Go to the course that you wish to connect with Poll Everywhere and navigate to Settings at the bottom left of the course page. 

    Canvas course - Settings

  2. Click Navigation on the top bar to see a list of items you want to enable or disable for the course. 

    Navigation bar

  3. Search for Poll Everywhere from the enabled item list (top) and disabled item list (bottom). If it hasn't been enabled yet, drag the item Poll Everywhere to move it to the enabled list, and drop it at your desired location. 

    drag Poll Everywhere up and drop

  4. Once you finished, click Save to apply the current order of items to your course. 
  5. Now navigate to Poll Everywhere on the left menu of the Canvas course. Log in to Poll Everywhere using your SPU email address if you have not done so. Then click on the blue button Continue to to go back to access Poll Everywhere in Canvas. 

    continue to log in to Canvas

  6. In Canvas, you will see an option to Sync roster (Fig.1). Once you choose Sync roster, Poll Everywhere will import the roster to your Canvas course. (Fig.2)

    sync roster in poll everywhere
    Figure 1

    roster is importing
    Figure 2

  7. Once it's done importing, click Go to Participants page button, and you will see a list of your students similar to as shown below.

    participants screen

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