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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Here is a quick guide to creating multiple choice polls in PollEverywhere.

Steps to create a new poll

  1. After logging in, you can see all the polls which you have created before in under Activities the "My activities" tab.
  2. If not, to create a new poll click on the New Activity tab on the left hand side.This will take you to the Home page, which directly connect to the "Activities" tab.
  3. Under it click on the “My activities” tab, you will see an Icon named “Activity” with a plus sign in front of it
  4. Click on it to create a new poll
  5. This will open a page where you will find multiple options .Enter your Questions& Answer for different kind of polls
  6. For example, enter your "Q&A" choices depending on the question type you have chosen.
  7. When you are done adding questions, click Create at the bottom of the window.

Quick Edits

After your poll has been created, there are some options to make quick edits to the look of you poll, as well as how the results will display.

  1. Visual settings icon Visual settings - control the look of the poll title, the instructions for how your audience can respond, the color or image of the poll background, and etc.
  2. Activate Poll icon Activate Poll - before you can collect responses you will need to activate your poll, there are multiple ways to do this and this is one of them. Clicking this image when a poll is active deactivates the poll.
  3. Hide Chart iconHide Chart - you can choose how to view the result of the responses.
  4. Lock Poll iconLock Polls - it prevents response
  5. Clear results iconClear Results - as the presenter you can archive a poll's results so that no responses show on the screen, this will allow you to reuse polls and save past result.
  6. full screen iconFull Screen - polls automatically activate when in full screen.

*Tip: To present/share your poll you will have to activate it or display it in Full Screen mode in order for users to respond.

Configure, Test, and Present

When creating a poll there are three tabs in the top right hand corner of the screen. Using the menu on the right, you can configure response settings for the survey as a whole, or for individual poll questions.

configure, test, present

  1. Configure

    • Identify how people can respond (website, text, and twitter), the response settings( how many times they can respond, anonymity, who can respond, if they can change their answer, and create a custom reply message), and lock/unlock the time when the poll will be available for responses.

      Screen Names

      Instead of having survey participants register, you can simply have them sign up for a screen name that will display alongside their answers in the poll. Follow this tutorial on toggling the screen name feature.

  2. Test
    • Test enables you to try out the web and text message options for responding to the poll you have created.
  3. Present
    • Choose how you will present the poll and it also gives you access to the share options.

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