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Table of Contents

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Canvas New Analytics will show the activity, assignment submissions, grades and students. It helps to see how well a particular student is doing in a course. Analytics can be viewed from both active and concluded courses.

  • Deleted or inactive user enrollments will not generate data.
  • Only active and completed student enrollments are included in data for New Analytics

Available analytics include course grade, weekly online activity and communication.  By default, the analytics page displays an interactive chart graph of all data. Data can also be viewed in a table. Data is enabled in New Analytics every 24 hours.

Canvas New Analytics

How to activate New Analytics link in Course Navigation

  • Go to Settings, in course navigation in Canvas course.

  • Navigate to Navigation tab. Enable it.

Once activated, in the Global Navigation, click the name of the course.

  • To open the New Analytics, click the New Analytics link in course navigation.

  • View Data Status

View Data Status

  • Open Student Analytics table.

Open Student Analytics

  • In the student analytics table, click the name of the student.

View Student Information

  • To locate a student, sort the table by student name or any other column.
  • View Student information. When  viewing analytics for an individual student, you can view the student's name and send a message to the student.

View Course Grade Chart GraphImage Modified

  • By default, the student analytics opens to the Course Grade tab.  The Course Grade chart graph shows the submission status and grade for all the assignments in the course. The student's current course grade is shown above the chart graph.
  • You can view Course Grade Data table, weekly online activity graph, communication graph.


Communication between students and teachers often happens outside of the LMS, it is not included as a participation metric. However a history of inbox messages sent between students and instructors is included so that it can be viewed alongside participation metrics.

  • To view weekly online activity in a table, click the Options icon. Select Data table. The data table will show the week start date, number of page views and number of participants. 

View Course Grade Data TableImage ModifiedView Weekly Online Activity GraphImage Modified

View Communication GraphImage Modified

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