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The quiz log feature is a resource for faculty that provides a chronological accounting of student activity in a quiz. This feature can help the instructor identify any discrepancy around a student's quiz activity. This features has been enabled for all Canvas courses, but does not currently collect information on quizzes taken on iPads or mobile devices. 

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Canvas provides Quiz log feature to enable instructors view the status of their student quizzes. This feature is designed to help instructors investigate problems that a student might having while taking the quiz. This page explains how to view a quiz log for a student and shows different information that the log feature provide.



  • Logs may show that the quiz is in progress if student began the quiz but never finished it.
  • If there are multiple attempts for a quiz, the log will always show the most recent attempt by default.
  • Quiz logs are kept for six months.

How to View Quiz logs

  1. From the Quizzes tab in Canvas, click the name of a quiz that you want to view quiz logs.
  2. Click the option menu (1), then click Show Student Quiz Results option (2).

                    Show Student Quiz Results button 

     3. When you click Show Student Quiz Results, you will see two columns, showing students who have taken the quiz and those who haven't.

              columns denoting which students have or have not taken the quiz

     4. Under each columns, there will be a list of students. Click the name of a student whose quiz log you wish to view.

     5. After clicking the name of the student, click "View Log" on the top right corner.

           student results with View Log button

Log Information

       When you click "View Log", the following page will appear.

                     quiz action log

                      Session Information

                    (1) It shows the date and time student started the quiz.

                    (2) It shows how many attempts student took and for which attempt the information is shown.

                     Action Log

                    (3) It shows a timestamp of each quiz action, which can be viewing a question, answering a question.

                    (4) The log also shows if the student stopped viewing the Canvas quiz-taking page.

                   To view responses to a question, click the link to the blue question number next to each description.


The log may show all questions as being answered at the beginning of the quiz. This action is generated by the autosave component within Canvas quizzes. If a student clicks to answer another question, the quiz will autosave all the questions and show them as being answered.

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