How to work in SPU's Pro Canva account to create posters or flyers using templates

The Office of University Communications is offering a Pro Teams version of Canva to assist offices in creating their own flyers or posters that will be used for internal audiences only. This Pro version of Canva contains SPU logos, brand colors, patterns, fonts, and flyer and poster templates. 

There is a minimal cost of $130/year to have a member of your team added to the shared Canva account. (Price may be less if needed only for a few months.)

Note: if you are marketing to off-campus audiences, please work with your University Communications Communications Specialist to have the project added into our master calendar.

How to join the Pro Team Canva account

Please email Lynn Anselmi at to request access.  

You will receive an invite by email to be a part of the SPU Design Team in Canva. Click on the link from your email to join the team. The subject line will be "You have been invited to join a team on Canva". The email should look like this:




How to Find and Customize Templates

  • After you have accepted the invitation to be a part of the SPU Design Team, go to the Canva homepage:
  • Once in Canva, there will be SPU Templates available to customize as your own. Download and watch the video below for instructions on how to find an SPU Brand Template and replace the text and photos with your own.

Extra Tips for Advanced Customizing

This video shows how to:

  • Add an additional text box
  • Add shapes
  • Change colors of elements you create
  • Resize elements you create

How to Print Your Poster

Download and watch this video to learn how to ensure your poster is in the CMYK colorspace and that you have full bleeds on your poster.

Printing at FedEx Kinkos 

SPU works with the Ballard Office of FedEx Kinkos for small quantity printing projects. (Under 75 posters or flyers). If the quantity is higher than that, you'll want to get a second estimate from Lori Ross at Quality Press ( Please make sure you know the cost before you agree to have the project printed. (Printing prices have gone up significantly in the last few years due to a break down in the supply chain of paper.)
FedEx Kinkos can usually deliver the project back to Mailing Services by next day. Drop off and pick up happens daily at around 3pm.

First, email FedEx Kinkos ( and ask for pricing so you can make sure it fits your budget.
Here is an example of information to include:

Hi, please email me pricing for the following project:
Sample poster name
Size: 11x17 (or 8.5x11)
Sides to be printed on: one side only (or 2 sides)
Color: (4-color)
Quantity: (include number you need)
Bleeds: It bleeds on all four sides. Please run on your 12x18 press and trim down.
Paper (see options below): 32# laser paper
Budget number is: (they need a budget number to process job)

Thank you! 
(include contact info)

Once you're receive their estimate and agree to the price, you can send them the file.

Note: You will never see a proof, it just shows up the next day. Make sure you are as clear as possible on all information you provide to them so that you get what you want. 

Our FedEx Kinkos Store manager in Ballard is Steven Black. Call and talk to him in person if you have any questions.

FedEx Office | Store #0340 | phone 206.784.0061 | fax 206.784.6021
1401 NW 46th St, Ste 400, Seattle, WA 98107-4635 | |