Data Roles & Responsibilities

This RACI Chart describes the division of roles and responsibilities between various SPU business units for systems and data management. It should be referred to when managing day to day work, designating tasks for projects or designing business process. The goal is to eliminate confusion by assigning clear ownership different scopes of work.  

Data Creation

 Documentation and Training
  • Conducts training on the business usage of stewarded data and systems
  • Documents relevant processes and procedures for departmental users
 Software and Business Alignment
  • Aligning people and processes with software tools to improve business efficiency and effectiveness
  • Conducts business process analysis to design process and procedures that best utilize existing software tools or identifies new software needs

Data Management

 Data Stewardship
  • Maintain quality and integrity of shared and stewarded data
  • Manage access and appropriate usage of stewarded data
  • Ensure institutional data quality including consistent usage of data and terms institutionally
 Data Reporting / Business Intelligence
  • Maintain strong understanding of shared and departmental data and databases
  • Design and build reports / dashboards on stewarded data.
  • Assist other technical staff writing reports / dashboards based on stewarded data.
  • Institutional and external reporting are the responsibility of OIR
 Data Import/Export
  • Build imports and exports of data from internal and external data systems
  • Oversee the quality and integrity of imported/exported data
  • Coordinate/Collaborate on imports/exports that impact shared data
 Data Definitions
  • Define how data will be recorded and stored at the institution
  • Define data definitions and standards
 Data Warehouse: Data
  • Manage warehouse content and ensure data quality
  • Collaborate with departments, ensuring data warehouse structure improves institutional use of data
  • CIS assists OIR with data extract, transform, and load operations and automation
  • CIS maintains the Data Warehouse system (see Systems responsibilities on this page)

 Data Warehouse: Architecture
  • CIS defines the Data Warehouse structures and architecture for enterprise analytics
  • CIS maintains the Data Warehouse system (see Systems responsibilities on this page)

 Data Security
  • Oversee secure usage, dissemination, and transfer of sensitive data
  • Maintain and enforce department data security policies and procedures
  • Maintain awareness of legal and regulatory requirements of stewarded data

Data Software Systems

 Software Security
  • Manage software security, passwords, firewalls, and other technologies to protect institutional data
  • Configure core security protocols, creates and maintains security classes/groups
  • Build audits and other alerting systems to enforce security standards.
 Software Configuration: Business
  • Configure software systems for usage by business units (custom fields, campaigns, permissions etc.)
 Software Configuration: Technical
  • Configure software systems to work in the SPU environment
  • Set up software authentication, configures access, and web presence
 Software Documentation and Training
  • Department document process and procedures for managing stewarded portions resources and systems
  • CIS document relevant processes, policies, and procedures technical administration by departments
 Software Support
  • Provide support to end users of the software systems
  • Maintain working knowledge of software capabilities, features, future upgrades and direction
  • Work with software vendors and external peers to troubleshoot and resolved software issues
 Software Maintenance
  • Procure, install and maintain system software
  • Maintain is defined as installing system upgrades and patches and fixing bugs in custom code
  • Department responsible to assist with testing systems upgrades
 Software Integration
  • Design, implementation and maintenance of automated data flows between data systems
  • Work with data stewards to build and ensure safe and reliable data transfer
 Custom Development
  • Design, code and maintain legacy custom systems and code.
 Software Purchasing
  • Software purchasing for a single department is handled by that department with consultation and approval from CIS
  • Cross departmental purchases are handled by a cross departmental project team, SDMG or CIS

Data Infrastructure Systems

 System Backup and Redundancy
  • Backup of institutional data according to SPU's data retention policies
  • Data recovery in the occurrence of data loss
  • Disaster recovery planning and implementation
 System Maintenance
  • Procure, install and maintain system hardware (servers, storage, network) and infrastructure
  • Coordinate testing with data/system stewards

Chart Key

ResponsibleResponsible for the work
AssistsProvides assistance with work
ConsultedConsulted before decisions are made or action is taken
InformedInformed that a decision has been made or action taken.


DEPTDepartments responsible for stewarding portions of institutional data and systems. Includes Directors, CSMs, Data Managers, etc.
SDMGSystems and Data Management Group, responsible for campus wide communication and decision making about data and data systems
OIRThe Office of Institutional Research, responsible for institutional data, reporting and analytics at SPU
CISComputer and Information Systems, responsible for Information Technology services at SPU