HR Digital Drop Box and Secure Document Submission to Human Resources

Due to the sensitive nature of the information contained with many documents used in managing employment and benefits, the Human Resources Department would like to provide the following options to SPU employees regarding the handling of documents. SPU makes every effort to provide secure modes of information storage (please review the Regulated Data Chart provided by CIS) but often the required transmission of documents containing sensitive information becomes necessary. Ideally, every change could be managed electronically behind the firewall of the secure SPU systems we operate in as employees. However, that simply is not always the case.

If you find yourself needing to submit a paper document to Human Resources, please review the following methods that are available and choose the best method for you with the security of your information in mind. There are more and less secure ways of functioning. While SPU is responsible for the secure maintenance of information and complies with various applicable laws and regulations, the manner in which you may choose to submit a document to Human Resources may expose your information to some level of risk, depending on the situation.

Submitting Sensitive Documents to Human Resources

1. Upload to the HR Digital Drop Box (preferred)

To upload/download digital documents securely, the HR Digital Drop Box may be used. This is secure page provided through SPU's internal SharePoint system. You must log in to use this function. If you are working with a particular HR staff member, please email that person when finished to let them know the document has been uploaded and is ready to be securely retrieved. If you are not working with someone in particular, please send an email to 


- Navigate to the HR Digital Drop Box using any compatible internet browser.

- To upload a document, find and select the '+ New' button on left side of the page toolbar.

- Name the file and provide a description (please include the name of relevant HR staff member if you are working with someone)

- Select 'Add attachments' and browse to find your document. Select your document, then click 'Open'.

- Click on 'Save' to complete the creation of this item and upload your document.

- Send a notification email that the document is ready for retrieval. 

2. Email

Documents may also be submitted by email to the general HR inbox at or to a HR staff member you are working with. Though not as secure as the HR Digital Drop Box method above, many forms do not include the most sensitive forms of data.

Also, please note the difference between sending an email through SPU's internal system on a computer managed by CIS (which is generally very secure) versus using an external email address or other non-SPU managed computer (generally this is not secure). If you have questions about how to safely handle digital documents, please review the CIS pages on Data Regulatory Compliance or request help from CIS with specific questions.

3. Mail

Mail through the Postal Service is received each business day and date stamped upon receipt. This has a high level of security but can take several days to arrive. Please be wary of deadlines when using the mail to submit forms.

To mail a document, please send it to:

ATTN: Human Resources
Seattle Pacific University
3307 Third Avenue W, Suite 302
Seattle, WA  98119

4. Fax

Sending document via fax remains a generally very secure option of transmission, though the quality can be degraded. To fax a document, please include a fax coversheet and send your document(s) to:

General HR fax line

(206) 281-2846 - for all regular submissions. These documents are routed as an attachment to an email sent to an inbox that accessible only to HR personnel. 

HIPAA-secure HR fax line

(206) 378-5312 - for submission of health-related documents pertaining to employee health leaves. For example, this is the line your physician might use to send medical certification forms if needed. These documents are immediately printed from an independent fax machine. If you send a document by this means, please coordinate with Carrie DuBord-Atkins at

5. SPU Campus Mail

The campus mail system continues to circulate though many employees are often working remotely now. However, this is generally not a secure choice for transmitting documents with sensitive information as it passes through many hands. We strongly encourage the digital transmission of all documents when possible to minimize possible virus exposure for all involved.

6. Drop Off Documents In-Person

The Human Resources Department is located on W Nickerson Street next to Nickerson Studios in Suite 302 (see the interactive campus map HERE). 

If you would like to make an appointment to meet an HR staff member, please email or the email HR individual you wish to meet with directly.