Workers' Compensation

Under the laws of the State of Washington, all employees are covered by the State Industrial Insurance benefits. The University pays the full premium for accident coverage. The employee shares the cost of the disability insurance and widows' pension fund premium through payroll deductions. Accidental injury incurred on the job must be reported to the immediate supervisor and the Security Office where first aid services are available. After the accident has been reported to the Security Office, if further treatment is indicated, the emergency room at Ballard Community Hospital or your own doctor's office will initiate a State Industrial claim form when you inform them that your visit resulted from an injury occurring on the job. All time loss must be reported to the Department of Labor and Industry (L & I). SPU allows the use of sick pay only as a supplement to what is paid for time loss by L & I.

What To Do If You Have an On-The-Job Injury

  1. Contact Safety and Security at (206) 281-2922 to file a report to begin the process. If you are unable to go to Safety and Security due to the nature of your injury, please request an officer to be dispatched to your location. The information from this report will be filed with Labor & Industries (L&I) for your Workers' Compensation claim.
  2. Get medical attention! When you see the doctor, you may let them know that this was an “on-the-job injury”. This prompts an L&I (Washington State’s Worker’s Compensation: Labor and Industries) claim. The doctor will assign your L&I Worker's Comp claim number on your first visit. Otherwise, you should anticipate paying your medical costs.
  3. After your first visit to the doctor: Following your first visit, you may only see a network provider for ongoing care. General network information and Q&A can be found here: . You may also call L&I at 1-800-547-8367, press 1. Additionally, you can find out if your doctor is in the L&I network by visiting:
  4. Contact the Office of Human Resources at (206) 281-2809 or to let us know of any missed work and/or to discuss a return to work date.
    1.  Provide any days off from work that you had as a result of the injury.
    2. Provide doctor's note releasing you back to work. If your doctor has designated any restrictions and/or limitations in your ability to do your job, notify both Matt and your manager. 
  5. How will you be paid?: If the period of absence is less than three days, you will be unable to receive time-loss pay through Labor & Industries. If the period of absence is at least 8 days, you will be able to receive pay either through L&I or short-term disability (or a combination). 

    1. Please mark your timesheet (for semi-monthly payroll) or leave report (for monthly payroll) with any used sick leave. 

    2. Enter a comment on your timesheet/leave report indicating that this is for Workers' Comp and also with the dates related to the injury.

Additional Information

  • Initiating an L&I claim:
  • You may receive information or contact from Compwise. Compwise is a company that SPU works with to help coordinate our Worker’s Compensation claims. They are legitimate and you may feel comfortable discussing your claim with them.