OneDrive for Business - Employee Documents

Documents you create specifically for your job are important! Follow this short guide to ensure you don't lose your employee documents.

Employee documents on an SPU-managed Device

  • These files are not backed up by default; users must sign into the OneDrive client and select folders to backup: Syncing Docs to OneDrive for Business
  • We also suggest saving files directly to your OneDrive folder in File Explorer/Finder, which will appear once you sign into the OneDrive client. 

Sharing OneDrive Documents

From OneDrive for Business on the Web you can use the '...' menu for one or more selected items or folders and "Share" with other SPU users, SPU groups, or external email addresses.

Similarly, from any device that has synced their OneDrive for Business to their device, they can right-click and Share a file or folder.

Employee Retention and Recovery of Email and Documents

Employees are required to manage business related information that is created and maintained in electronic form. This includes:

  • Information sent or received by email, calendar items, contacts, or tasks
  • Documents, reports, worksheets, or presentations created and stored in any location  (locally, OneDrive for Business, Departmental Shares/Directories, SharePoint, etc...)
  • Any communications performed as an employee (voice messages, instant messaging, chat, etc...)

All employees (and their supervisors and managers) should familiarize themselves with these Email-Document Retention and Recovery guidelines to assure that important institutional data is being preserved and maintained.