Apple TV (Airplay) in Classrooms


Several classrooms are equipped with Apple TVs, allowing the use of Airplay from compatible Apple devices running iOS. 

System Requirements

Airplay at SPU requires an iPad or iPhone running iOS 7.1 or later. Airplay from a Mac laptop does not work at this time.Airplay is only available in the following classrooms:

  • Bertona 3
  • Cremona 203
  • Demaray 261
  • Eaton 322
  • McKenna 111
  • Otto Miller 118

Connect to The Apple TV

  1. First, ensure that your iOS device is connected to SPU's Wi-Fi network and that Bluetooth is turned on.
    1. Airplay will work on SPU-Business-01 and SPU-Wireless. Your iOS device can be connected to either network to enable Airplay.

  2. Press the Apple TV button on the podium control panel.
    The projector will switch to the Apple TV input. 

  3. On your iOS device, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to bring up the quick menu.
    The Airplay icon should appear (circled on the right). Tap on this icon.

  4. The Airplay menu will appear.
    Tap on the name of the room your would like to connect to and then tap on the Mirroring slider.

  5. A prompt will appear, asking for an Airplay code. 
    The 4-digit Airplay code will appear on the screen. Enter this code on your iOS device and tap on OK to enable Airplay.

Learn more about Airplay on Apple's website.