Fax from Computer


  1. On an SPU-owned computer, open the document you would like to fax and click File -> Print.
  2. In the print dialog box, select a device that begins with MFP and contains FAX at the beginning of the name (e.g. FAX-MFP-CIS).

  3. Click Print to continue.

  4. A fax dialog box will appear. Enter the recipient's fax number in the Fax Number box and click AddIf the recipient is on campus, use their 4-digit extension. For all off campus faxes, begin with a 9 and enter the full 10-digit number (e.g. 91234567890)

  5. The number will then appear in the Destination List. Click Next to continue.

  6. Click Next again to continue. A cover sheet may be added if desired (optional).

  7. Click Next again to continue. Custom job parameters may be added if desired (optional).

  8.  Review the fax and click Finish.

  9. The PaperCut dialog box will appear. Select an account and click Print. The account will not be charged for a fax from a computer.