Online Time Entry Directions

Timesheets are located on the web through the Banner Information Systems.

SPU Home Page>Banner Information Systems

Employee Menu>Time Sheet and Approvals

  Timesheet/Selection Criteria

  • Select the button next to “Access My Time Sheet” and click “Select”.

  Position Selection

  • Title and Department:  List of all current positions with title, position number and approver’s position number
    • Pay Period and Status:  Lists the pay period’s beginning and end dates. Then the Status of the timesheet.
      • Not Started: Timesheet has not been opened.
      • In Progress: Timesheet has been opened and hours have been added.
      • Pending: Timesheet has been submitted for approval.
      • Approved: Timesheet has been approved for payment.
      • Completed: Timesheet has been add to the payroll.
  • Use the arrow on the right side of the Pay Period box to move to a previous pay period. A timesheet can have hours added to it and be submitted to your Supervisor until noon on the Tuesday after the end of the pay period. After this point, contact your supervisor if changes need to be made.
  • Select “Time Sheet” to move to the next page.

  Time Sheet/Leave Report/Proxy 

  • This page is used for entering your work hours.
  • Notice the position’s Title and Number on the upper right side of the page.  The position number needs to be matched to the line on the timesheet that matches the first two digits.
    • Position numbers starting with 27xxxx should have hours added on the first line on the timesheet.
    • Position numbers starting with 17xxxx or 37xxxx should have hours added to the second line on the timesheet.
  • Select the “Enter Hours” (highlighted in blue) on the correct line, under the day that was worked.
    • Enter the start time under “Time In” and the end time under “Time Out”.  If lunch was taken, enter “Time Out” at the beginning of the lunch break and “Time In” at the end of the lunch break.
      • Hours should be rounded to the nearest 15 minute interval.  (See Rounding Chart at the end of these instructions.)
      • Select “SAVE” when time entry is completed.
  • Time should be entered at the end of each work period in order to accurately record the hours worked.
  • Once you have entered all of your hours for the pay period, select “Submit” to send the timesheet to the Approver. 


The number of hours worked are calculated using the quarter-hour rounding method. This means that arrival and departure times are rounded to the closest quarter of the hour when reporting hours on a timesheet.

If an odd number of minutes are usually worked (Example: one hour 20 minutes three times per week), talk to your supervisor about how to make sure you are not shorted on your hours. Since 20 times three equals one hour over the course of the week, entering 15 minutes twice during the week and 30 minutes once would balance out to one hour.

If an employee arrives or leaves between:
:00 to :07 minutes after the hour, enter as the top of the hour 
:08 to :22 minutes after the hours, enter as a quarter after the hour
:23 to :37 minutes after the hour, enter as the half hour
:38 to :52 minutes after the hour, enter as three quarters past the hour
:53 to :60 minutes after the hour, enter as the top of the hour

Arriving at 8:07 am would be entered as 8:00 am
Arriving at 8:08 am would be entered as 8:15 am
Arriving at 8:23 am would be entered as 8:30 am
Arriving at 8:38 am would be entered as 8:45 am
Arriving at 8:53 am would be entered as 9:00 am