General Ledger Transactions

To Reclass Revenue or Expense:

A reclass is used to move a revenue or expense transaction from one fund-org-account to another fund-org-account. Reclasses are typically used to correct original transactions because of incorrect information given, a change in the situation, or a data-entry error.

To request a reclass, send an email to your general ledger contact person that contains following information:

  1. The fund-org-account, amount, and description of the revenue or expense as it is posted in Banner. (We need to be able to find the transaction before we move it. A copy of a Banner query with this transaction would be greatly appreciated. If it is a partial reclass, please indicate the total amount of the posted transaction of which it is a part.)

  2. The fund-org-account to which the revenue or expense will be reclassed.

  3. If either of these fund org combinations (in steps 1 and 2) is outside your budget area, copy the email to the budget manager for that area. This shows us that they are aware of the transaction.

To Process an Interdepartmental (ID) Charge:

An ID charge is a charge from one department to another. Examples include events ticket charges (ex. athletics, forums and other meetings); Library charges; motorpool charges; Printing & Mailing charges; ASSP sound equipment charges; etc.

Since ID charges entail one department charging another for a service or rental, we need these transactions to offset one another within the same account code and not create an actual revenue or expense for the University.

The account codes used for ID charges all begin with an 801. Provided the transaction does not occur regularly and thus warrant its own code, the code 80166 (“ID Charge—Other”) is used.

To request an interdepartmental charge, send an email, spreadsheet or memo to your general ledger contact person that contains the following information:

  1. The fund-org-account to credit, the description and the amount being credited.
  2. The fund-org-accounts to charge, along with the amounts and descriptions.
  3. Please notify the departments that you are charging.

To Request a Funds Transfer to a Designated (Non-Budgeted) Fund:

A transfer is needed if funds are to be moved to support a designated (non-budgeted) fund, since budget cannot be transferred into one of these funds. Transfer account codes (usually beginning with an 808) are used for this purpose. Transfers need to be funding for a project or event in the current fiscal year, or they need to be grant-matching funds for the current fiscal year. Carry forward of these funds into the next fiscal year is approved only on a case-by-case basis.

To request a transfer of funds, send an email or memo to your general ledger contact person that contains the following information:

  1. The fund-orgs to transfer to and from.
  2. The amount to transfer.
  3. The description/purpose of the transfer. (If this is for an event, please include the date of the event. If the event is in the next fiscal year, please include an explanation of why the transfer is needed in the current fiscal year, such as to cover expenses occurring in the current fiscal year.)

If there is no budget in your budgeted org in the transfer line, please send a budget transfer request to the budget analyst, transferring the budget from the appropriate fund-org-account.

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