Fall Technology Update 2019/2020

It was a busy summer for the CIS team: Classroom updates, Software changes, lots of refreshing tech... or is that tech refreshing? Either way, below you will find an update on the many changes we have taken on to help make the Tech work better for you and a list of coming changes. each item has a link to more information but, you can always contact the CIS HelpDesk with any questions. the first mention is on changes made to the HelpDesk that we are very excited about. 


What's New This Year

The CIS HelpDesk Portal

On July 24th  CIS launched the new Helpdesk Portal. This is an improved way to contact the CIS HelpDesk and receive technology support! The portal provides a place where you can:

  • Submit Help Desk Requests
  • Track Your Requests
  • Access Self-Help Options

This will allow us to improve our services to the SPU community through better request tracking, improved communications, and integration with the SPU Wiki. Go to:  www.spu.edu/cishelpdesk or simply click the life preserver icon on your desktop!

The CIS HelpDesk is here to help you navigate SPU’s technology. Contact the Helpdesk for advice on the use and availability of software and classroom tech. Got a big project? The helpdesk can assist by helping you find the right tech to get the job done. Tech not working? Of course, the Helpdesk is here for that too.

How to reach the help you need:





Panopto is a new lecture capture system that has replaced TechSmith Relay. Panopto allows users to easily record their screen and/or self and additional camera inputs on their computer then upload and stream the content from an online location.  It is the SPU supported tool for lecture capture. For more information:  Click Here   

Office 365

New Computer builds will have Office 365! In addition to Webmail (Email, Calendar, and Contacts), as a faculty member at SPU, you have access to Microsoft Office 365 for Education, which includes chat and conferencing, online file storage and sharing, access to mobile Office Suite apps over the internet. This service allows you to access and edit files stored in your OneDrive storage space,(SPU’s approved online storage) from any location when you have an internet connection. For details:  Click Here


OneDrive  is an online cloud storage service from Microsoft   That means you could access your documents from anywhere in the world!  OneDrive integrates with Microsoft Office so users can access Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents in OneDrive. The system allows users to simultaneously edit Office documents, edit documents in browsers, and create and share folders. Find out more:  Click Here

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is replacing Skype for Business in November 2019. Teams is already installed on your SPU Owned device. Teams is a new application available to SPU faculty and staff. Teams is designed specifically for workplace communication, bringing together functions such as Chat, Meeting Organization, Group Collaboration, File and Desktop Sharing, and Session Recording all into a single user interface. To learn more CIS has a “How To” Wiki article:  Click Here  If you are interested in how the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia is using Teams in the classroom, Check Out This Video. 

Make Me Admin 

...Is a new security measure that will help keep faculty and staff computers safe by allowing your machine to run in Admin mode only when you need it. Make Me Admin gives you Administrator rights to your computer for a limited time, then returns your machine to a more secure state. To use it type “Make Me Admin” in the start menu of your SPU owned computer or laptop. Click on the program then click on “Grant me Administrator Rights.”  Further instructions

Changes Yet to Come

Critical changes coming to OneNote!

 Microsoft OneNote is a computer program for free-form information gathering and multi-user collaboration. OneNote 2016 will no longer be supported by Microsoft in 2020. The Windows 10 version operates the same but stores the notes in SharePoint. Find out more:  Click Here


Always On VPN will be coming to your faculty and staff laptop later this quarter. Always On VPN is a seamless VPN connection that will not require any work to connect on your part! Watch your email for an announcement as we get closer to Christmas.

Changes coming to Adobe

Adobe has announced some licensing changes for Acrobat Pro and their Creative Cloud Services. These changes will affect the way we distribute these software offerings. We will be updating you by the start of Fall Quarter on how to navigate the changes.

Help With the Changes:

Technology Training Opportunities

CIS is now offering training sessions on many of our technology offerings. Classes will be offered monthly and taught by CIS staff. The classes last about 30 minutes and range from an overview style to an in-depth dive to help you get every advantage of the technology covered. Here is just a sample of the topics to be covered this year:

  • Note-taking in OneNote: The Future is Now
  • OneDrive: File Access Anywhere
  • Documentation Solutions: Looking Beyond Matthew
  • Tools to Understand your Department's Budget

Microsoft will be here in October to provide an in-depth look at  Microsoft Teams!  Watch the SPU Fac/Staff Bulletin for times and locations.