New Login Page

Computer & Information Systems is installing system upgrades to the Single-Sign On system we use to facilitate authentication to various campus systems (such as Banner, Canvas, and many others).

These upgrades will be installed at 9:30pm on August 1, 2018.  There may be some disruption for 5-10 minutes while connections switch over to the new services.

Login Page Changes

As part of this upgrade, you will notice subtle changes to your experience through the login process.  The most prominent of these will be for Faculty/Staff logging in from SPU-managed computers, who will now see this prompt (picture at right):

Note the "AUTO-LOGIN" button. You may use this to allow the login page to log you in using the SPU Username/Password with which you are currently logged in. You may notice other behavior when logging in or logging out that is different from before.  

Spotting Fake Login Pages

In recent months, we have seen several malicious attempts to mimic our login page and get people to provide their username and password to a phony website. As such, it is important to take note of the address bar in the browser.

Here's one recent example.  Note that the URL even includes ""  However, if you see this login page, it is important to ensure that "" appears at the beginning of the address (e.g.

For more information see the following blog posts:

Office 365 Login

Currently, Microsoft Office 365 uses a separate authentication system.  This includes Webmail, Sharepoint Online, and other related Microsoft services.  The URL you should expect to see is: "