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Page Editor

Mac OS X 

Safari - No configuration changes necessary.

Chrome - No configuration changes necessary.


Firefox - latest version, with these additional steps:

Add SPU to trusted sites

  1. Open the options menu
    1. Image Removed
    2. Image Removed
  2. Content tab, Exceptions
    1. Image Removed
  3. Add "*" to the allowed sites
    1. Image Removed

Prevent Mozilla Firefox from Showing Confirmation Dialog Box in the Page Editor

In the Page Editor, Mozilla Firefox may show the Prevent this page from creating additional dialogs
confirmation dialog box if you open modal dialogs too often. To prevent Mozilla Firefox from showing
this confirmation dialog box:

  1.  In the browser address bar, enter about:config.
  2.  Right-click on the preferences area and click New, Integer.
  3.  In the New Integer Value dialog box, enter "dom.successive_dialog_time_limit" and click Ok. 
  4. In the Enter Integer Value dialog box, enter 0 and click OK

Image Removed

Content Editor

Windows - Internet Explorer 9 or 10. 10 Make sure it is up to date.

Chrome - No configuration changes necessary.

Internet Explorer - IE 11 does not work. IE 10 should be in compatibility mode. Firefox (latest version) works as wellIE 9 works.