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Prepare for your arrival on campus now by going to New To SPU to learn about campus technology resources. There are also instructions for getting your SPU email setup and configured on all your devices (computers, tablets, smart phones). Go to SPU Email Setup for email configuration instructions.


  • Laptops, smart phones, and tablet computers on the wireless (WiFi) network must register and authenticate. Look for the network ID called SPU-Wireless, the network key/password is the same as the network ID ("SPU-Wireless" without the quotes, case sensitive). Once connected to the SPU-Wireless network, launch a web browser and login with your SPU Username and Password.
  • Personal Wireless Access Points and Routers are NOT ALLOWED on the campus network and will negatively impact all other network users.
  • Gaming Consoles (Xbox, PS3, Nintendo Wii, etc...) can connect to the wireless network however you may need to manually register your gaming console for network access. Go here for instructions to get your gaming device on the campus network.
  • Video/Streaming Devices (Roku, DVR's, AppleTV, smart TV's, etc.). SPU provides a "best effort" level of service to assist in getting these devices connected -- BUT DOES NOT guarantee that all devices will work. There are some limitations and restrictions in the design of the campus network that may prevent certain levels of connectivity or functionality. Go here for more information.
  • Wired Connections We have invested heavily to make the SPU WiFi network robust for nearly all networking needs, but there may be some equipment or devices that require a Wired network connection. Wired network connections in the Residence Halls are activated on a "as requested" basis. Go here for instructions to request your wired network port be activated.

For more information about general network connectivity on campus, go here.

Guest Wireless

SPU students should use and register on the SPU-Wireless network (see instructions above) -- but parents, friends, and campus guests may use the Guest Internet Access. Connect to the network ID called SPU-Guests, then launch a web browser and follow the guest registration instructions. SPU guests must provide a valid email address or text messaging cell phone number for registration. Additional instructions for Guest Access are provided here.

Personal Printers

Wireless printers DO NOT WORK on the campus wireless network. Disable the wireless networking on your printer and use a USB cable (available at the SPU Bookstore or other stores) to connect to your computer.


More information about using the campus MFP copiers/printers is here.

TV's and SPU CableTV Service


SPU has contracted with Comcast (Xfinity) to provide on-campus CableTV service in the residence halls and campus apartments. There are approximately 120 viewing channels (90+ in HD). You can preview the channel lineup here.

There are TWO ways to get CableTV programming for SPU residential students:

  • Watch Comcast (Xfinity On Campus) CableTV Channels on your computer or select Apple and Android tablets or phones. The Xfinity On Campus service is available to SPU students who live in campus housing units. The service requires you to login with your SPU Username and Password. Start watching at (you'll need to be on-campus to do this). Select Seattle Pacific University from the campus list, then login with your SPU Username and Password. You'll be able to browse the channel lineup with the built-in media player and view live TV broadcasts and selected On-Demand shows. NEW THIS YEAR for Xfinity On Campus is 20 Hours of cloud-based DVR storage.
  • Use the Cable TV jack in your room - Connect your TV to the CableTV system through a coaxial TV jack and cable. BRING A TV COAX CABLE WITH YOU TO CAMPUS. Some TV's may need to be programmed once on campus to get all of the channels. In order for your television to work with the campus CableTV service it needs to have a “QAM” (or ClearQAM) capable channel tuner. Most consumer grade TV's purchased since 2006 support digital QAM tuning.

Go here for more detailed information about the requirements for connecting your TV to the SPU cable TV system.This year there is only one way to get TV programing. The Cable jack in residential housing is no longer funtional.

  •                                       Xfinity streaming is available to students residing on campus.

    1st Install the Xfinity Stream App from the App Store or Google Play.

    2nd Visit

    3rd In the search field enter “Seattle Pacific University”

    4th Log in with your SPU login

    5th Once authenticated, start watching!

    (The Xfinity Streaming account includes a DVR function!)

Security Patches and Updates Before Campus Arrival