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Prerequisites: BUS 6110; 6130; 6150; 6164; 6201. Explores the role of business and sustainable business strategies for addressing global poverty. Informed by Christian theological understandings of justice, community and economic development, wealth and poverty, human well-being and restoration. Topics include microfinance, microenterprise and community development, social enterprise and other sustainable business models for creating economic and social value and alleviating poverty.


BUS 6917 Spirituality in Management (1-3 cr.):

Prerequisite: BUS 6201. This seminar course provides in-depth study of issues related primarily to Christian spirituality and management and their application across business discipline areas. The same topic cannot be taken for credit more than once. May be repeated for credit up to six credits.


EDU 6085 Moral Issues in Education (3 cr.):

Assists students in developing a theologically, philosophically, historically, and politically informed understanding of how religious and other moral considerations are properly addressed in schools. Specific attention is also paid to how Christian ideas and commitments can shape the theory and practice of education.


MFT 6100 Social Ecology of Family (3 cr.):


MFT 6210 Multicultural Issues in Family Therapy (2 cr.):

Focuses on how ethnic, cross-cultural, multiracial and socioeconomic issues influence theories and practices of marriage and family therapy. Analyzes strengths and limitations of major modalities. Students will consider influences of their own cultural backgrounds upon their practice of marriage and family therapy.

MFT 6220 Gender Perspectives and Family Therapy (3 cr.):