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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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This page explains how to access and complete a peer review that has been assigned to you by your instructor in Canvas. Please note that peer reviews are only assigned to students who have made submissions to the assignment, so if you do not have a peer review assigned to you, please verify that your assignment has been submitted successfully in Canvas.

Access Through Email

When your professor has assigned peer reviews, you will receive an email from Canvas to notify you of your peer review assignment and directing you to it in Canvas. Follow the link this email provides to access the peer review in Canvas and complete according to your professor's instructions.

Access Through Canvas

You can access your peer reviews in Canvas in the following ways:

To Do List

On the right-hand side of the window in both in your course and one your dashboard, Canvas displays a to-do list which indicates upcoming tasks that need completion. Any peer reviews you have not yet completed will display here. Select the peer review you would like to complete to be taken to the assignment and complete the peer review according to your professors instructions.

to do list with peer review

From the Assignment

In your course, navigate to the assignment that needs peer review. On the right-hand side of your window will be the name of the student whose submission need to be reviewed, or, if the peer review is anonymous, this will be replaced with the text "anonymous user". Select the name of the of the student who will be reviewing and complete the peer review according to the professor's instructions.

peer review from assignment

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