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Table of Contents

Table of Contents


This page is a guide for what to do if course content is not available in Canvas. The primary course of action is to reach out to your professor, as these kinds of issues are usually easily fixed by them or by contacting ETM when intervention is needed. 

Assignments, Discussions, Pages, or other Content

Course content in Canvas exists in two stages: published or unpublished. If content is unpublished, it will not be visible. Professors may choose to publish all their course content at the beginning of the quarter or they may publish it in intervals, such as publishing content for every unit or every class day as it approaches. If you have been told by your professor that something exists in Canvas, but you cannot find it, it is likely to be unpublished. In this case, please email your professor and ask them to publish the content. If the issue is persisting, your professor can contact ETM.

If there is a link to content in a Canvas page but it does not lead to anything, first try to search the internet for the link's name. If it does not come up in your search results, email your professor to let them know that you cannot find this content. If they are unable to re-do the link so that it works, or attach the content in some other manner, they can contact ETM.

Additional Resources

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