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Table of Contents

Table of Contents


If students experience difficulty submitting assignments through Canvas, the primary course of action is to contact the instructor. Often, the instructor can easily resolve the issue, but, in some cases, they may need to contact ETM if multiple students are experiencing an issue to which a simple solution is not found. This page describes common reasons why assignments may not submit to Canvas as well as the course of action for different scenarios.

Individual Solutions

If you contacted your professor and they stated that no other students have had the same issue, follow the below instructions: 

  • Change the browser you are currently using to either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Restart your browser in order to start fresh.
    Make sure the file format is compatible with Canvas.

    titleAcceptable Files

    Assignment Files:

      • Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx)
      • Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt/.pptx)
      • PDF
      • txt.
      • xls.

    Image Files:

      • JPEG
      • GIF
      • BMP
      • TIFF
      • PNG

    Video Files:

      • FLV
      • QT
      • MPEG
      • WMV   
      • MP4
      • 3GP

    Audio Files:

      • MP3
      • WMA
      • MWV

    • Make sure the wifi being used is both secure and connected to your device. If not, try a different wifi server that is secure and trusted.
    • If you are still unable to upload the assignment, try using a different computer. Use a secure and reliable computer, such as the computers available on SPU's campus or at a public library. 

Group Solutions

If many students seem to be having an issue uploading an assignment contact your professor so that they can double check their assignment details and file formats they allow. If your instructor cannot find a solution, they can contact ETM directly in order for us to take a better look at what the problem is.

Additional Resources

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