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Table of Contents

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If you have an existing Canvas course integrated with Achieve content that you would like to copy, either for a future term or to create multiple course sections, you can do so by following the instructions below.

You can duplicate your single course from Achieve homepage by following the instructions in this help article: Achieve > Copy a course. Once you have created the course copy and set a start and end date, it will be available for linking to Canvas.

Duplicate your Achieve course

For each course you plan on teaching in Canvas, you will need a separate corresponding Achieve course. These instructions assume you already have an Achieve course set up the way you like (let's call it Achieve Course #1) and you want to copy it to create another course (called Achieve Course #2).

Go to your new Canvas course shell

Canvas course shells will be set up by your school's Canvas administrator. These instructions assume you already have a Canvas course set up the way you like (let's call it Canvas Course #1) and you want to copy the content into another course (called Canvas Course #2). We'll start this process from within Canvas Course #2.


Before copying Canvas Course #1, please make sure that there are no Achieve assignments already in Canvas Course #2. If you have any Achieve assignments in Canvas Course #2 before copying Canvas Course #1, copying will cause duplicate assignments and gradebook columns in Canvas Course #2

We recommend deleting any Achieve assignments and gradebook columns in Canvas Course #2 before copying.

Import content from Canvas Course #1 into Canvas Course #2

Import Course Content

In Canvas Course #2, click Settings [1] at the bottom left. Click Import Course Content [2] in the list at the right.

import course contentImage Modified

Select course to copy

Select Copy a Canvas Course from the Content Type drop-down. Then, select your previous Canvas course (Canvas Course #1) in the Search for a course field.

Image Removedimport contentImage Added

Select content to import

  • If you are not copying a previous term's section under a Section Manager, we recommend copying the entire course by selecting All content. This method ensures that the assignment links will still be associated properly after copying. You can always delete undesired content after copying.
  • If you are copying a previous term's section under a Section Manager, we recommend copying only the non-Achieve items by selecting Select specific content.
    • Be sure to select the Course Settings for import so that the Macmillan Learning App that is required for integration automatically appears on the left side of Canvas Course #2.

    • If you see External Tools as one of the content types to select, expand it to check if it contains a tool called Macmillan Learning or Achieve. If it does, make sure to select it.

    • Make sure to select desired Assignments and Modules. Achieve content will be located in Canvas Modules and Assignments.

Image Removedcontent will be importedImage Added

  • Click "Import".

import buttonImage Modified

  • The "Current Jobs" menu will display the status of your import

    • A status bar with the time remaining will display.
    • If you chose to copy all content, Canvas will show a Completed status.
    • If you chose to select specific content, you will see a status of Waiting for Select. Click Select Content to choose the items that you wish to import. Achieve content will be located in Canvas modules and assignments.

current job statusImage Modified

Link Achieve Course #2 with Canvas Course #2

Please check this instruction to link Achieve course #2 with Canvas course #2.


Please make sure that the course content has been properly copied in Canvas before linking your Achieve course. If you link the Achieve course before importing content as shown in the previous steps, the Achieve links you import will be broken. You will need to unlink the course and re-link.

Unlink the course

  • Navigate to Macmillan Learning link [1] from Canvas navigation menu.
  • Click on Unlink Macmillan Course [2].

unlink linkImage Added

  • Click Yes, Disassociate this Course.

disassociateImage Added

  • You will see a message confirming that the Macmillan course has been unlinked. From here, you can close the tab or window to return to Canvas.

unlinked messageImage Added

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