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Table of Contents

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Students must connect their Canvas and Achieve accounts in order to sync their grades with the Canvas gradebook. This instruction guides students to register Macmillan Learning through Canvas course. Instructors could send this instruction to your students or review it on the first day of class.

Student registration for Achieve via Canvas - Video

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How to register Macmillan Learning via Canvas course

  • Login Canvas using school's account.
  • Navigate to the course using Macmillan Learning content.
  • Go to the modules area (or Assignments area) and click a link to an Macmillan Learning assignment.

    assignment using macmillan content

    • If you aren’t sure which assignments are Achieve assignments, you may instead click Macmillan Learning in the left course navigation bar of your Canvas course and click the Achieve link. 

macmillan learning linkImage Modified

  • Enter your name and e-mail

    • If you have an existing Achieve account that you would like to link to your Canvas account, enter the e-mail address of that Achieve account here.

      Otherwise we recommend that you enter the e-mail address that is associated with your Canvas account.

login macmillanImage Modified

  • Access Achieve content

    • If your course does not require payment

      Your assignment will pop up in a new window or tab. You will also be automatically enrolled in your Achieve course. Any grades for Achieve assignments you complete will now appear in your Canvas gradebook. 
    • If your course requires payment

      You will see a screen that offers up to three options for enrollment into your Achieve course.
      1. Purchase access - Purchase online using a credit card or PayPal. For further instructions, see the help article Checkout through the Student Store.
      2. Start a grace period - Enroll in the course for free for two weeks. At the end of the two weeks, you will need to convert free trial access to full access.
      3. Enter an access code - Type in your pre-paid access code, then click the Enter button.

enrollment page

  • If your course requires payment, but you have already paid for multi-term access in a previous term

    If you have applied multi-term access to a previous term's course, you will see the prompt below asking if you would like to apply your remaining access to the new term's course. Check the box to acknowledge that you will no longer have access to the previous term's course, then click Apply Remaining Achieve Access. 

apply remaining accessImage Modified

  • Your enrollment in your Achieve course is now complete. Each time you click on an Achieve link in Canvas, you will be sent directly to that resource in Achieve without having to repeat this process. Any grades for Achieve assignments you complete will now appear in your Canvas gradebook. 

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